About Us

REVAI is headquartered in Montréal, QC, Canada. Our venture is led by Dr. Neha Bhutani, a distinguished Neuroscientist with a passion for technology, and Dr. Shawn Maloney, a driven business executive with more than a decade of research training in human pathology. The core team is supported by an array of technical advisors, intellectual property consultants, and seasoned business leaders, all of whom share the common vision of bridging neuroscience and technology to enhance cognition.

The Team

Image of Neha Bhutani, co-founder of REVAI

Dr. Neha Bhutani

Dr. Bhutani is a neuroscientist. She got her training as Research Associate at McGill University. Prior to this, she did her post-doctoral training at Universite de Montreal on cortical correlates of reaching movements. She holds a PhD in neuroscience from National Brain Research Centre, India.

Dr. Shawn Maloney

Dr. Maloney completed his PhD in Pathology at McGill University in 2011 and continued on with a postdoctoral fellowship in Ophthalmology before leaving academia to run a small online academic service-based startup. Dr. Maloney has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at Concordia University, worked as an invited graduate student at Harvard University, owned and operated a consumer retail business, and hosted a podcast centering around bridging knowledge gaps in Ophthalmology and eye care.

Kapilan Satkunanathan

Kapilan is a tech enthusiast graduated from the University of Waterloo as a Mechatronics Engineer. In addition to his education, he also worked on the Autonomoose which is Canada’s first autonomous vehicle that was approved for driving on public roadways. Kapilan has also worked with Tesla and implemented some of the voice commands on Tesla production cars. Since then, he has launched an app called KapaRide on the play store and app store.